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Polly's Moonpurple



We’re really big on experimentation here at Polly’s HQ; always striving to learn and cultivate new brewing techniques into our day to day. One of the things that has recently taken the entire brewery by storm, no doubt aided in-part by the sweltering weather this summer has been to create beers that are huge on that typical Polly’s flavour intensity, but with a less soupy mouthfeel – creating a beer much more sessionable and easy to chug a pint of at the end of a long day’s work in the sun. In addition to our in-house LA3 strain, we’ve also been working recently at the brewery with a West Coast haze yeast, that purposely imparts a much more gentle haze and adds a crispness to our beers that hit that crushability factor we yearn for so much after a long day at the brew kit. 

Loral ,Idaho 7





Contains gluten